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First – Create an Account

In order to PREVIEW contracts or PURCHASE, first create a new user account by going to the LOGIN page and clicking on the Sign Up Now! Button.


Be sure to fill out the required items to create your account. Check the box if you are a NAHB member or not. Check the box that you have read the Terms and Conditions statement.

If you're already registered and forget your password, you can always retrieve it from the login page.

Browsing Contracts

Under PRODUCTS you can browse contracts by Series or Individual contract documents within each series. You can also use the Search Box in the upper right corner. Series titles and the Individual Contract titles are linked. Click on them to see description and preview.

Previewing Contracts

Once you click on a Series title or Contract title you can view the description and preview. Simply click on the green preview button to see a sample of the contract.

Select a Contract

There are three blue boxes that represent the different ways to purchase contracts. You can purchase one contract with limited use or you can choose an annual or unlimited subscription.

Selecting a box will send you to your shopping cart.

Please visit the Product Overview page for more information about the different choices.

Purchase a Contract

If you have selected a contract product and have been brought to your shopping cart, you can continue shopping or PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to purchase your selection.

Use a DISCOUNT CODE if you have it.

If you are still shopping for contracts and you want to get back to the cart, look for the cart icon above the search box in the upper right corner.

Your Dashboard

Once you are logged in the LOGIN button on the main navigation turns to DASHBOARD. Click it and you can review your purchases and edit contracts.

You can view Order History, edit your Profile, manage subscriptions and contracts, and manage users if you have a multi-user subscription.

Editing a Contract

Go to your DASHBOARD page and select MY CONTRACTS from the left panel. Depending on what you purchased you will see buttons for EDIT, DOWNLOAD, PRINT and SHARE.

Click on the EDIT button to edit the contract.

Single Use contracts have boxes to fill out.

Subscription contracts have a simple text editor.

Edit Single Use Contracts

These documents have input boxes that you can fill in.
Click on an empty box and proceed to enter the pertintent information.

Please note: Depending on your browser, the box may or may not appear.


Only on single use contracts will you see the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page. Make sure that you have reviewed the entire document before approving.

Edit Subscription Contract

With subscription documents you can select any area to edit much like a word processing document. You will find simple editing tools on the top.

You can delete the extra underlines if you like.

Subscription documents do not have pagination. You can scroll down through the whole document. Remember to click the UPDATE & FINISH button at the bottom when done.

Naming Contracts

You can name a version of your contract. In your DASHBOARD click on Manage Contracts. If you purchased a subscription you will be able to save different versions of your documents by giving them a name.

Share Editing of Contracts

On subscription products you can share your contract with a third party. Click on the SHARE button and a dialog box will appear. Fill in the recipient’s email, a subject line, type a message and click the blue "Send" button.

The recipient will get an email with a special link that will allow them to make edits to the document you are working on.

Tracking Edits

On unlimited subscription products, you have the option of highlighting new edits. This is on by default, which is handy if you share the contract with your legal council and they perform edits. You will see the new edits highlighted.

Multi-User Subscriptions

When purchasing a Multi-User subscription product, you will need to select how many users you want to have access. This does affect the total price. There is also a discount for selecting between 5-10 users.

Manage Users

In your DASHBOARD you can Manage Users. Depending on how many users you purchased, you can add users and give them their own passwords. These users will have the same capabilities as you.

The system lets you know how many users you can add. You can delete a user to create a new user.

Add to Wish List

When viewing any individual contract you can add it to a Wish List. You will find the button in the upper right hand corner under the main navigation.

Purchase from Wish List

You can access your Wish List from your DASHBOARD panel on the left called My Wishlist.

From there you can click on the blue "Add to Cart" buttons to make purchases.

Order History

You can always see what you have ordered in the past through your DASHBOARD. On the left panel select Order History to view past purchases.

Activity Logs

A history of activity to contracts can be viewed here in Activity Logs in your DASHBOARD panel.