500 Series: Subcontracts

501: Subcontract - Master Agreement

Use this contract for the general terms and conditions that are to apply to all subcontract agreements regardless of specific job specifications - to be supplemented by individual work orders, i.e., the job acceptance form - parties are the general contractor and the subcontractor.
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502: Subcontract - Job Acceptance Form

Use this contract for individual work orders in supplementation of the master subcontract agreement - parties are the general contractor and the subcontractor.
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503: Subcontract

Use this contract for a stand-alone subcontract that includes the individual work order - not for use with a master agreement - parties are the general contractor and the subcontractor.
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504: Subcontract Change Order - Exhibit

Use this form to list changes to the subcontract specifications and scope of work, with subcontract price and time of completion changes noted.
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505: Insulation Disclosure Clause for Subcontractor

Use this form to comply with FTC disclosure requirements for insulation subcontractors - to be posted in dwelling.
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